I was first inspired to play guitar in 1964 by the Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five and The Kinks.  By the age of 13 James was playing on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA opening for bands including Small Faces and played in a band named Crossfire.

After a few years Crossfire disbanded and James moved forward with his career as a musician playing with Acrobat for about three years.  Acrobat opened for Yes, Van Halen, Peter Frampton, Gary Wright, Shaka Kahn, Gentle Giant, ZZ Top, KISS, Ronny Montros, and the list goes on. 

James took a five year hiatus to spend time with his family.  He has recently made a come back moving forward full steam with his music career.  He attended the NAMM show for the past 8 years and is excited to see what the future hold and where he can take his music abilities to create, express his personality and inspire others.

In the recording studio James earned the nickname “One Take” as producers and musicians found they were often using his Scratch Track for the final album recordings.  I grew up listing to Motown, Blues and Country. For the last 15 years I have played with some Blues greats.. Look for more shows coming up this year 2014 and 2015. Thank you for all your support. James

I would like to thank my sponsor’s, CEDAR CREEK CUSTOM CASE SHOPPE and MORLEY PEDALS, SKB POWERED PEDAL BOARDS.for their support and contributions to the music industry. We could not do it without you. Update as of 2013, I am proud to add AURORA COLOR STRINGS to my sponsor’s, thank you Cindy. Steph Accessories inc, Great Guitar and Bass Straps.

Thank you,

James Vaughn

James Vaughn, Rock & Roll Bass Player